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Upgrading SQL Spreads to a newer version

Upgrading an existing installation to the latest SQL Spreads version
  1. Download the SQLSpreadsSetup.exe installation file from the download link in the fulfillment email received immediately after purchase (the email that also contains the license keys).
    That link to the SQLSpreadsSetup.exe file always contains the latest SQL Spreads release.

  2. If you run the installer on top of an older version, SQL Spreads will be upgraded to the latest version and the license and all settings will be kept.

  3. If you first uninstall and then re-install, SQL Spreads will be installed in trial mode and you must enter your license key and activate the license again.

  4. If you reinstall SQL Spreads on the same machine, you can reuse the same activation key as from a previous activation.
Installing a specific SQL Spreads version
When you download the SQLSpreadsSetup.exe installation file, you will always get the latest SQL Spreads release.

If you would like to have the installer of a specific release, previous releases are available for download from the same location as the SQLSpreadsSetup.exe file, with the release number added to the file name after an underscore. The format is SQLSpreadsSetup[UNDERSCORE][FULL VERSION NUMBER].exe, e.g.: SQLSpreadsSetup_4.2.0.exe

Release notes with all release numbers are available at:

Best practice when you are several users working with SQL Spreads
This is only applicable if you use SQL Spreads 4.x or older. From SQL Spreads release 5.0, documents are backward compatible so you can share documents with any user having any release of 5.x or newer.

If you create SQL Spreads documents and send them to other users, the other users will need to have the same or a newer SQL Spreads version installed.

When you download the 
SQLSpreadsSetup.exe installer, you will always get the latest release, so if you are several users sharing SQL Spreads documents, it is a good practice to always use the installation file URL with the version number specified e.g.: SQLSpreadsSetup_4.2.0.exe.

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