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Intro to the SQL Spreads Designer


SQL Spreads is built as a data management tool where a Designer can create database connected Excel documents. The SQL Spreads Excel documents can be shared with non-technical users (Data Editors) who should work and manage the SQL Server data through Excel.

This part of the knowledgebase will go thorough how you create and setup a SQL Spreads Excel document to maintain data in SQL Server.

All settings are stored in the document

When you create a new SQL Spreads document all the setup that you do in the SQL Spreads Designer is stored within the Excel file. So you can easily share your new solution by just sending the file to other users (they will need to have the SQL Spreads Add-In installed with a valid license).

One SQL Server table per Excel sheet

You can connect a SQL Spreads Excel file to multiple SQL Server tables by adding the new SQL Server table to a new sheet in Excel. 

SQL Spreads in Data Editor mode

For non-technical end user, SQL Spreads can be installed in Data Editor mode where all the configuration options like the Designer are locked down. A Data Editor can only work with data in a SQL Spreads document created by a Designer.

Data Editor users will need a license. To activate SQL Spreads in Data Editor mode, select the special Data Editor license key which was included in the license key email received after purchase (for subscription customers, contact to activate a subscription in Data Editor mode).

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