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Activate your license

How to activate your License

License Intro

When you purchase a SQL Spreads license, you will get your License Key in an email immediately after the payment has been made.

When you entering your License Key into SQL Spreads,  you will have a 15 day time period to activate the license, starting at the day when you enter the license key on the machine. 

You can still activate the license after those 15 days, but you cannot use SQL Spreads after those 15 days without activating the license.

Activate the license after a re-install or upgrade

If you have re-installed SQL Spreads on the same machine, you do not have to do a full new activation. You can just re-use the Activation Key you had in the email from the last time you activated the license and enter it as a license key in SQL Spreads. 

Enter your License Key

In the SQL Spreads tab in Excel, click the About button:

Click the Enter License Key button:

From the email you received after purchase, copy the Design mode license key: 

Enter the License Key into the dialog and click OK:

Activate your license

To activate your license, go to the About dialog in the SQL Spreads tab in Excel:

Click the Activate License button:

Click the Send Email button to send your machine key to

Within a day or two, you will receive your machine specific Activation Key.
Then open the About dialog and click the Enter activation Key button:

Enter your Activation Key in the dialog and click OK.When the Activation Key is entered, the license status will be updated to confirm your license activation:

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