Activate your license

How to activate your License

When you purchase a SQL Spreads license, your License Key will be immediately delivered by email.

After entering the License Key into SQL Spreads,  you will have a 15 day time period to activate the license, starting at the day when you install the license key on the machine. 
You can still activate the license after those 15 days, but you cannot use SQL Spreads after those 15 days without activating the license.

Follow the steps below to activate your license:

1. Enter your License Key

In the SQL Spreads tab in Excel, click the About button.

Click the Enter License Key button.

Then enter the License Key that you received by email into the dialog that is opened and click OK.

2. Create Machine Key

Click the Create Machine Key button 

Then click the Send Email button to send the Machine Key to Within a day or two, you will receive your machine specific Activation Key.

3. Activate the license

To apply your Activation Key, open the About dialog, click the Enter Activation Key button and enter your Activation Key. When the Activation Key is saved, the license status will be updated to confirm your license activation.

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