Selecting a table or view

When SQL Spreads is connected to SQL Server, the available databases, tables, and views will be shown in the Database Tab in the SQL Spreads Designer.

To load a table or view into Excel, select the table in the Designer:

To load multiple tables into the same Excel document, switch to an empty Worksheet in Excel and select the second table.

Working with views 
Updating data in SQL Server views are in most cases similar to updating data in SQL Server tables.

When updating data in views that fetch their data from joined tables, there is a restriction that you can only update the data from one base table in each update. SQL Spreads will automatically detect the joined tables in a View and set the columns from the first base table to editable and the other columns to Read-Only.

To make the columns from another base table editable, simply uncheck the Read-Only checkbox for a column from the other base table in the Columns tab in the SQL Spreads Designer.

Preview of rows
By default, SQL Spreads will load the first 50 rows from the table. 

You see the number of rows in the table, in the bottom of the Database tab.

To show all rows, click the Show All checkbox.

The Preview of rows is only active when the Design Mode is turned on. When you turn off Design Mode and refresh the data, all rows will be loaded.

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