Filter rows from SQL Server

Filters decides which rows in the database to fetch into Excel. You can create a single filter or a combination of several filters.

Column filters
Column filters let you filter the fetched rows based on the value in one or several columns.

Custom SQL Filters
You can also create custom SQL filters where you write a SQL query to select which rows to load into the Excel.

Remove a filter
To delete a filter, click the Trashcan symbol on the right side in the filter list.

Preview of rows
By default, SQL Spreads will load the first 50 rows from the table. 

You can see the number of rows in the table, at the bottom of the Filter tab.

To show all rows, click the Show All checkbox.

The Preview of row is only active when the in Design Mode is turned on. When you turn off Design Mode and refresh the data, all rows will be loaded.

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