Sharing a SQL Spreads Excel document

You share your SQL Spreads Excel document like any other Excel file. Just ensure that the user has the SQL Spreads Excel Add-In installed, and then send them the file either by email or on a shared drive. 

Protecting your setup 
You can prevent users from making changes in the Designer in two ways; 

  1. You can install SQL Spreads in Editor/Data User mode where the Design mode is locked out. 
  2. You can password protect the Design mode if you are sharing your document with a user who is running SQL Spreads in Design mode. 

To install SQL Spreads in Editor/Data User mode you will have to install the Data User license key. In the email with the license key(s) that you received after your purchase, each license has both a Designer and a Data User license key. Select the Data User license key to lock out Design mode Read more about Designer and Data User mode in the Understanding Designer and Data User mode section.

To password protect the Design Mode password, click the Publish button in the SQL Spreads tab in Excel and enter the password.  

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