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General FAQ

What can SQL Spreads do for me?
SQL Spreads will let you build Excel-based solutions for data collaboration by extending Excel with the possibility to read and write data to SQL Server.

SQL Spreads is designed to create Excel documents which you can share with your non-technical users so they can work with data in SQL Server directly through Excel.

SQL Spreads benefits are: 
- Improved collaboration with centralized data instead of local file-based data storage
- Well-known Excel interface for working with SQL Server data
- Reuse existing models in Excel
- Easy to maintain and update solutions built on Excel
- Utilize investments made in Data Warehouses by adding new functionality
- Build lightweight solutions for data maintenance, forecasting, liquidity planning etc. 

Is there a trial?
Yes, there is a 14-days trial. Download the trial from

What are the technical requirements to install SQL Spreads?
Please see this page for technical requirements. 

Can I use SQL Spreads with a Microsoft Azure SQL Database?
Yes, SQL Spreads 4.2 and later supports using Excel to update data in Azure SQL databases.

What databases are supported by SQL Spreads?
We currently only support Microsoft SQL Server.

Do I need a unique ID column on my table?
No, from release 3.0.10 you can use a combination of database columns as keys, or a column defined as Identity.

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